Bula Vinaka!

Thank you for your interest in my blog. I am off on a 27 month Peace Corps adventure in the South Pacific!

I arrived here in Fiji in September of 2014 where I will be a part of the Peace Corps Community Health Empowerment Project (CHEP). My partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education officially started on November 6th of 2014, after an intense training period and an official swearing-in ceremony. Although Fiji is seen as paradise, we are here as requested by the Ministry of Health to address the Non-Communicable Disease crisis in the South Pacific. In addition, we are here to promote equality, address high rates of domestic violence and educate on reproductive health issue. I will be tackling this CHEP assignment while working in a primary school in the Yasawa Group of Islands and with the close by village of Yalobi. Our goal is to partner with schools so that behavior change can be taught to children and engrained in their lifestyles at a young age. I will be taking the CHEP framework into the school to work with the staff and the students but will also be working to establish a reading program. I look forward to this adventure and seeing where it may take me! Life is an adventure… Enjoy the ride! Vinaka vakalevu for following my blog!

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