Life in Cusco

I am still trying to figure out the basics of my job, how to navigate the city and the language, but I was a complete tourist today! I have about of a week before classes start, so I figured now is the best time to do some exploring… SO, I snuck away from my Spanish workshop (without telling anyone) and jumped on a bus to the city center.

It was a magical day and well worth any slap on the wrist I may receive…

Firstly, I stumbled upon a Gringo writer’s group comprised of Americans most of whom have lived in Cusco for years. Although I am not much of a writer and most likely won’t be able to join their group as it takes place during school hours, I got their contact information nonetheless. It sounds like they have a variety of different events including full moon hikes!

Then, I explored San Blas, an old part of the city with beautiful brick streets, amazing restaurants/cafes and quaint architecture. I found a textile art gallery, toured the Inca Museum and found a Spanish instructor who is willing to give me private lessons 2 times a week!!! The old part of Cusco is absolutely beautiful… Unfortunately, the school I am teaching at is about 45 mins by bus outside the city. Eventually, I may look for an apartment closer to the city. I think living in the old part of the city might be worth the daily commute and would be ideal for hosting all my visitors!!! 🙂

Next, I spent an hour exploring the local market. The variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are amazing and SO cheap! In every market, they have a juice stand where you can order any variety of fresh juices and they make it right in front of you. Normally, you get a whole blender full about $1.50. I drank an entire blender of carrot, orange, mango, beet, and aloe vera juice! The markets are also full of breads, grains, meats (some rather scary looking!), fresh flowers and handicrafts.

Before returning home, I drank a beer! Saludos a mi adventura nueva!!

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