Baby Janet


Since the day Baby Janet arrived on the island, my work has become much less productive. At least once a day, I wander into the village to spend time with my Nema. I have started calling her Nema, which means mom in our local dialect. Sometimes during my visits to the village, I fall sleep laying next to her, other times I do my work while spending time with her and Salote, but most of the time I just come to hangout.

I have so much love for this small bundle of joy. This is the first time I have ever spent so much time with such a tiny person! It’s fun to just sit and watch her facial expressions and darting eyes. But I am quickly learning the daily routine of eating, pooping and sleeping doesn’t seem to have much variation! And boy this small girl can eat- we’ve taken to calling her kanivoro which means big eater!

I am trying to spend as much time as possible with Nema before I go back home on the 7th of December. This sweet girl has solidified that I will be back to Yalobi to visit… Although, by the time I come back, I think she will be walking, talking, and maybe even in school! Oh how time flies!


Baby Janet’s first day in Yalobi Village!



Always looking for food…

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