Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Theses are some of the things I have heard over the past year, all of which were spoken about in complete seriousness. The following statements and theories are believed, lived by, and supported by my community; therefore, I thought you might find it interesting to read about. I must admit, some seem true and others feel like a stretch, but I’ll let you decide!

There is a monster with a pig face that lives in the sea just at the end of the village; in addition to being seen by villagers, several visitors from the yachts that harbor in our bay have also reported sightings of this creator.

When you drink water while training (working out) your stomach will hurt.

If an owl cries during the day, someone is hiding a pregnancy.

If you eat fish for breakfast that is all you will want to eat for the rest of the day.

There is a clan (or family) in the village on the opposite side of the island that possesses the power to talk to the waves and clam rough seas.

An individual in the village is accused of conducting witchcraft. One time when he mixed juice for a visitor, her lips swelled up.

There is a cave in the Yasawa Group of islands, which is known to have many mysteries. One being if you are pregnant, you can’t get through the entrance no matter how small you are. On the other hand, regardless of your size, if you are not pregnant, you will have no trouble going through the entrance.

If you have wronged the village or been dishonest in any way, you will get bit by a shark, face huge boils, or come down with some type of unexplained illness.

Waya Island is called the Golden Island but is also a very dangerous place with several areas that cannot be explored without a local.

If you attempt to find the gold, you will live a very short life and may not even make it home (just ask Jeffery Jackson’s family from the USA).

Female pigs on the island get pregnant from rolling their bellies in the mud.

The nitu (of the devil) has been known to show his presence on our island and in particular, on the school compound.

*** DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to challenge any of these believes but rather share them with y ‘all as they hold cultural, geographical, and ancestral importance to my community.

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