Farewell to Vuci Village…

It is hard to believe that two months have gone by, and it is time to leave Vuci, my training village. It is bittersweet in a way, but I am mostly just sad. The people of Vuci are amazing and truly have become family to me. They have done everything from teaching us a traditional Fijian meke, to rowing us down the river to swim, to cooking our every meal, to sing hour upon hour because we keep requesting songs, to serving us half and small bowls of grog. I have been so incredible touched by my family in the village. My host sister and her children took a four-hour bus ride all the way from Nadi to meet me the weekend before I left Vuci, my other sister named her newborn girl after me, and my Na (mother) hand wove me a Fijian mat. I’m honored and deep touched to have a namesake in Fiji. Baby Martha (or Maca in Fijian)! I arrived at the hospital in Suva just 4 hours after she was born and got to go right into the labour room in order to hold her. The hospitality, friendliness, and the open arms were amazing. I am going to miss the people of Vuci as I embark on my new journey. Vuci is always a place that I will call home and will return to for the holidays during my 2 year stay in Fiji. I am very excited to bring my American family to Vuci so that they can meet my Fiji family! More to come soon regarding my new site placement!!

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